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After finding my passion for unique lighting as a wedding photographer, I wanted to be able to carry the interesting, powerful imagery for my portrait clients. Family, maternity, and newborn portraits don't have to be boring. They can be full of power and emotion leaving you blown away.

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Detroit engagement photos that are cute & cozy on the streets, yet classy & chic on the roof.

michigan engagement photographer captures jane and john through a window of a detroit coffee shop
michigan engagement photographer captures jane and john through a window of a detroit coffee shop

Jane + John’s Detroit Engagement Photos

Jane is a photographer friend of mine, and I have taken her and her fiancee, John’s photos on more than one occasion. This time, their Downtown Detroit engagement photos!

Jane and John have been engaged for awhile now, taking it slow and making the most of this time in their lives. They are taking their time figuring out what they actually want for their wedding day, which is spectacular. It is so special to take the time to really unravel how they want to celebrate their marriage.

I had taken some photos of them toward the beginning of their engagement, and this time, they wanted to go for a more casual and classy angle. We went casual walking the streets and classy lounging at the rooftop bar.

a bright photo of jane and john's coffee mugs during their detroit engagement photos
jane and john smile into a kiss during their detroit engagement photos

Capitol Park and The Monarch Club in Downtown Detroit, MI

We began our session at Capitol Park in Detroit, wandering around the city. We got some fun shots of them walking together and really focused on those candid moments. They even popped into a coffee shop to get some of those cute, cozy coffee shop shots.

Jane and John are such a joy to photograph, every time. They are so silly and comfortable being themselves (even staring down the barrel of a lens). My role is always such a breeze with clients like them!

Eventually, we made our way to The Monarch Club, which is a rooftop bar in Downtown Detroit!

They ordered their favorite cocktails and we lingered on the rooftop taking in the view of the city. We watched the sun set on that chilly evening with the warmth from the fire pit to add a subtle glow to the night.

The evening was absolutely lovely and full of life.

jane and john smile at each other during their downtown detroit engagement photos
jane and john share a kiss in the background of this photo of jane's engagement ring

Michigan Engagement Photographer

Celebrating an engagement is such a special time. May it always be a reminder to take the photos and savor the moments.

Are you engaged (or hoping that someone will make a move)? Let’s get you on the books!

Explore your options and book your session. 🥂

an engaged couple hold their drinks while standing close to each other
jane and john cheers their drinks during their detroit engagement photos

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