Fall Maternity Photoshoot at Kensington Metropark Michigan

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After finding my passion for unique lighting as a wedding photographer, I wanted to be able to carry the interesting, powerful imagery for my portrait clients. Family, maternity, and newborn portraits don't have to be boring. They can be full of power and emotion leaving you blown away.

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A magical, autumnal maternity session for the storybooks.

an expecting couple smile at each other while holding hands in front of an open field at their fall maternity photoshoot

an expecting couple beam at each other as maternity photographers in michigan capture them holding hands standing in front of an open field

Fall Maternity Photoshoot

Stephanie started out her fall maternity photoshoot with this glamorous, statement red maternity dress. It gave us loads of texture to play with and complimented the fall colors beautifully. Figuring out what to wear for maternity photos, especially an outdoor fall maternity photoshoot, can be a bit tricky. I wanted to lead Stephanie and her husband in a direction that kept the focus on them so as not to get lots in all of the oranges, browns, and yellows of a Michigan Autumn. The tricky bit is finding the magic spot of compliment between overwhelm and blending in. Both of her dresses ended up being gorgeous.

I actually went to high school with Stephanie, so this shoot made for a cool chance to catch up. It is beautiful to document the beginning of a blossoming family, especially having known her long before. It was a special, full circle moment.

an expecting couple laugh together during their fall maternity photoshoot in front of an open field
an expecting couple wander through an open field as one of the maternity photographers in michigan captures them
an expecting couple smile at each other while holding hands and standing in front of an open field in this black and while portrait from their luxury maternity photoshoot
an expecting couple stand in front of a tree and open field while maternity photographers in michgan capture them holding hands and beaming at each other

Maternity Photography at Kensington Metropark Michigan

I really love taking maternity photography and family sessions at Kensington Metropark Michigan. There is this spot with a gorgeous tree in front of a sprawling open field. It feels like you are stepping into a fairytale. It makes for those magical storybook photos.

When Stephanie mentioned that they wanted a pretty Michigan Autumn shoot, my mind was already pulling up the directions to Kensington Metropark Michigan like the Maps app.

As the sun lowered, Stephanie changed into a more casual dress with her “Mama” jean jacket and we moved on to more casual candids. Stephanie and her husband were looking stunning in the evening sunset. I loved every second of capturing their excitement.

this fall maternity photoshoot captures an expecting couple standing in a field with their backs to the camera. she wears a jean jacket with the word "mama" printed on the back
this expecting mother smiles over her shoulder as her hair and dress flow down her figure while maternity photographers in michigan capture her portrait

Luxury Maternity Photoshoot

We really lucked out with this gorgeous 60s and sunny day, especially when the day before was dreary and in the 30s. Oh, Autumn in Michigan.

Golden hour gave us lots of sun flares and beautiful backlight moments from the low sun at that time of day. I always have clients asking things like “Are you sure you want to shoot right before sunset? Isn’t it going to be dark?”, but right before sunset will always be my favorite time to shoot. The low sun turns everything golden. Especially in the fall, the results are warm and glowy. It is perfect for luxury maternity photoshoots like this one, making them elegant and intimate.

Ready for your own luxury maternity photoshoot? Explore the experience and view more examples of my work on my blog and Instagram.

during this fall maternity photoshoot an expecting couple stand in an open field with golden light streaming behind them. he rests his arm around her shoulder as they smile at each other, her hand resting on her belly
expecting couple dance in an open field during their luxury maternity photoshoot

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