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After finding my passion for unique lighting as a wedding photographer, I wanted to be able to carry the interesting, powerful imagery for my portrait clients. Family, maternity, and newborn portraits don't have to be boring. They can be full of power and emotion leaving you blown away.

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Maternity portraits that capture how it feels.

a woman laughs with one hand on her pregnant belly and the other in her hair during her indoor maternity shoot
a woman laughs with one hand on her pregnant belly and the other in her hair during her indoor maternity shoot

Editorial Lighting – Narissa + Mohammed’s Indoor Maternity Shoot

We decided to shoot Narissa and Mohammed’s maternity portraits at my studio in Ann Arbor, MI. They wanted an indoor maternity shoot that was elegant, classic, and timeless. Portraits to be framed and remembered for the long haul. To reminisce during the harder times and enjoy during the sweet ones.

When Narissa and Mo originally reached out, we scheduled a call to go over their inspiration photos and details like outfits and lighting. We talked about colors that would compliment them and what they really wanted from this shoot. They decided they only wanted a few photos with natural light and the rest in what I describe as editorial lighting.

I have spent years truly mastering my editorial lighting technique. Over a long period of time I experimented with angles, equipment, locations, and more to find the perfect balance. It has always been deeply important to me to make my clients feel glamorous and like the best versions of themselves. Perfecting this technique has allowed me to do that in such a beautiful way. Everyone is built for the magazines.

an expecting mother smiles while basking in studio light during her indoor maternity shoot

Getting Emotional – The Luxury Maternity Photoshoot

It wasn’t difficult to see how much joy these two felt for this stage of their lives. Narissa and Mo brought some particularly meaningful items for them which is something that I encourage all of my maternity clients to do. The little details are what make a session unique and personal. For these two, it was their sonogram and a pair of little boots for their baby boy.

These shoes were the first thing the couple bought when they found out they were having a boy. Little brown boots that meant so much more than keeping those tiny toes warm. They were able to envision this person they are bringing to life and celebrate him with those boots. It is a detail so special to them that it only makes sense to celebrate it in this session. Details like that are so sweet and sentimental, I know you will want to remember it.

Parents will sometimes feel bad when they start to get emotional during their maternity shoot, but how could you not? Especially for first time parents, everything is beginning to feel real, fresh, raw. Your belly has grown to a size you could never imagine, the third trimester is moving along, this is big. Taking the photos to celebrate this time in your life can be surreal. Tears are normal and all the feelings are entirely welcomed here.

a man kisses his partner on her cheek as they hold out a pair of baby's boots during their indoor maternity shoot
an expecting mother stands in dramatic lighting during her luxury maternity photoshoot
an expectant mother laughs during an indoor maternity shoot

Editorial Michigan Maternity Photographer

Every couple deserves to feel this special when they are having a baby. To have portraits to look back on that they will love. That feel true to them and the overflowing emotions.

All of my Metro Detroit area mamas, read more about the maternity portraiture experience and reach out with any questions. I always recommend clients to book as far in advance as possible, but at least 4 weeks ahead of time. 26-32 weeks is usually the ideal time to book your maternity session for, so plan ahead so we can bring the dream to life!

an expectant couple stand facing each other as a presses a kiss to her temple during their luxury maternity photoshoot
an expectant mother smiles as she rests a hand on her belly during a shoot with michigan maternity photographer
an expecting couple stand smiling at each other while holding their sonogram in front of her belly during their indoor maternity shoot

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