Editorial Maternity Shoot in Ann Arbor, MI

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After finding my passion for unique lighting as a wedding photographer, I wanted to be able to carry the interesting, powerful imagery for my portrait clients. Family, maternity, and newborn portraits don't have to be boring. They can be full of power and emotion leaving you blown away.

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An editorial maternity shoot for magazine-worthy memories.

during a luxury maternity photography session an expectant mother stands with an open white button down shrugged down her arms rests her hands at the top of her belly as her husband rests his spread out hand on the front of her belly


during an editorial maternity shoot an expectant mother stands with an open white button down shrugged down her arms rests her hands at the top of her belly as her husband rests his spread out hand on the front of her belly

Andy’s Editorial Maternity Shoot

Andy and her husband have been long-time clients of mine and wanted to go ALL out with this round of maternity photos. They wanted a simple, minimalist, and modern editorial maternity shoot to document their last pregnancy. After looking at some inspiration photos, we decided that the shoot should happen at my studio in Ann Arbor and have an editorial feel with a big focus on light.

The editorial style of shoot can be simple, but glamorous. A lot goes into making each decision regarding the shoot, it’s style of lighting, and the styling to make the shoot work effectively. Funnily enough, the making of a minimalist, simple shoot in no way involves simple or minimalist effort.

during an editorial pregnancy photoshoot an expectant couple sit together on concrete, his hand on her knee while pressing a gentle kiss to her shoulder as she angles her face towards him and holds her belly

Elegant Maternity Photographer Michigan

I always ask my clients for inspiration photos. It is a great way to get a strong understanding of what they want from a session and I can quickly determine where we should shoot, what kind of light we will be using, what kind of gear I need to bring, any backdrops I may need to have ready, and how to coach the client on what to wear and what colors will compliment the location and blend with the style of photos that they want.

I had this couple wear simple white tops and dark pants, with Andy wearing this simple bra and panty set. Their outfits helped us to achieve the simple, editorial look.

Something that I love about shoots that are on the more simple side is that I get to be really creative with light. For this shoot, I used light strategically. It helped not only to capture how she looks, but how this time of their life made them feel. We played with studio lighting and a white backdrop, giving them these really dramatic, magazine-worthy photos.

My studio in Ann Arbor, MI has some really wonderful natural light in the afternoon which we were able to use as well. It gave use some really beautiful shadows. It complimented both the white and black backdrops gracefully. Using both studio light and the natural light gave us a variety in the end gallery. The studio light feeling more elegant and the natural light feeling more casual.

a maternity photographer michigan poses an expecting couple in front of a white backdrop, they wear white button ups and black pants and look towards the light streaming in while she holds his arm and gently touches her belly

Embracing Pregnancy Bodies With a Glamorous Editorial Maternity Shoot

One goal Andy shared with me for this session was to fully embrace her pregnancy body. Especially since they plan on this being the last time she will experience it. I loved getting to help her celebrate this incredible experience.

I planned lots of poses to really put the belly on display. From every angle. We played with how the natural light shined and highlighted their figures and the joy this sweet couple felt. Her belly was backlit, peeking out, front in center, gently held, and always the focus. Each pose not only made her look fabulous, but also FEEL fabulous.

There is something so beautiful about a mother showing love and tenderness to her body in the way that she would to her children. It is amazing what our bodies can do. Growing a human is tough work. Honoring it by documenting it is one of my favorite parts of this job.

Luxury Maternity Photography

I find pregnancy to be such a beautiful part of life. It is a privilege to document a family’s pregnancy. Creating a luxury experience is a top priority. You deserve the best of the best; you shouldn’t have to settle. Andy’s maternity photoshoot was beautiful to be involved in. I got to make this mama feel special and celebrated. We engaged in sweet conversation and basked in the sun. Soaking in every sweet moment.

You can find loads of editorial maternity shoot inspiration and further examples of my work on my blog or my Instagram page! Read more about the luxury maternity photography experience. See you there. ❤️‍🔥

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