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After finding my passion for unique lighting as a wedding photographer, I wanted to be able to carry the interesting, powerful imagery for my portrait clients. Family, maternity, and newborn portraits don't have to be boring. They can be full of power and emotion leaving you blown away.

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A cozy, elegant studio maternity photoshoot

an artsy belly shot by a michigan maternity photographer
an artsy belly shot by a michigan maternity photographer

Chelsea’s Maternity Photoshoot

Chelsea came to me wanting a very modern and elegant maternity photoshoot. She was inspired by some of my work that she saw with my signature editorial style lighting and was in LOVE. During our consultation call she shared lots of inspiration with me. Some of my work from my website and Instagram as well as from Pinterest! She wanted a mix of that editorial style and some photos with more natural light. The feminine vibe with my sheer curtains and clean, natural look.

I took her vision and gave her clear suggestions for the type of outfits that would help bring it to life. She had 3 looks that allowed us to create a lot of variety in her gallery.

a side profile of an expecting mother during her maternity photoshoot

The Mom and Baby Connection in Maternity Photos

No matter the details, I like to keep the focus of my maternity sessions on the connection between mom and her belly. It’s usually about 50/50 between mamas bringing a partner with or going solo for the maternity photoshoot. The connection between expecting parents and the growing belly is so special. Keeping the focus on that during a maternity session gives you this one of a kind ability to look back on the time and stage of life that only lasts so long.

Once baby is brought to life, that specific connection can slowly feel farther and farther away. It changes and evolves with the new human. Between late night feedings, doctor appointments, and the chaos of everyday life we sometimes don’t take the time to reflect deeply on that unique relationship with the growing belly. Your maternity photos can be that reminder of how that time felt.

It is a remarkable gift that I am able to give to my clients. To always remember how it feels.

a filmy style portrait from a maternity photoshoot, chelsea stands by a window with light, sheer drapes

My Signature Editorial Lighting

This is one of my favorite things about in-studio sessions of any kind—maternity photoshoot or otherwise. This style of lighting that I have handcrafted and perfected over the years can make anybody feel like a supermodel.

It gives us a modern and elegant setting—without any props or furniture to complicate the images. It is all about you. The simplicity lets us focus on making you look and feel glamorous.

a cozy motion blur portrait in natural light from a session with michigan maternity photographer

Michigan Maternity Photographer

This sunny afternoon with Chelsea in the studio was so nice. Her gallery was full of some of my favorite maternity images that I have ever captured. We explored different lighting and Chelsea’s maternity experience.

I love getting to create imagery so personal and individualized. Documentary style candids or luxurious, editorial style imagery? This Michigan maternity photographer is capturing you as you are and allowing you to keep the way you are feeling now close.

Read more about the portrait experience and book your consultation now!

an artsy black and white photo from a shoot with a michigan maternity photographer
chelsea slightly smiles while basking in the natural light at sammy's ann arbor photography studio
chelsea smiles while wearing a cardigan and lingerie set with an arm above her head during her maternity photoshoot

chelsea sits on the floor in sammy's photography studio in ann arbor michigan
sitting on a stool wearing ripped jeans, chelsea sits for portraits with michigan maternity photographer
a woman smiles with one hand on her belly and the other supporting her back during a session with michigan maternity photographer

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